Fabio Biolcati – CEO & Co-founder, Made in Forest



Fabio Biolcati

Fabio Biolcati MBA is based in Brazil and has a Masters in Business Administration. He is the Co-Founder and CEO of Made in Forest and has launched the worldwide service “The Cities’ Green Economy Census” in 2010 to bring the Sustainable Economy to everyday people. Made In The Forest ( www.madeinforest.com) – Environmental is the first network in the model of social networks, is free and its focus is on environment and sustainability.

“Our congratulations to 7th International Green Awards™ for highlighting the worldwide Green Economy initiatives. Made in Forest is the global environmental network platform. Our mission is to identify, to organize and to free promote the Green Economy of each city in the world. In our simple point of view, the day by day Sustainable Economy has to be easily found to be easily consumed! www.madeinforest.com”


About Made In Forest


Given that the network was designed for the Eco Consumer it has access online to an organized showcases of green products and services, for sustainable consumption.

Eco Products : 24 categories of green products, sustainable, organic or made of recycled matter material

Eco Services : Catalog of providers of services for the environment and sustainability, such as Environmental Consulting, Law, Architecture, Environmental Engineering, etc

Eco Tourism : portfolio inns, agency, adventure sports, activities for sustainable tourism, etc

Environmental Education and Culture : Space for environmental professionals and educators, activities and courses for the awareness of Citizens;

Eco Citizen : this section allows people to interact with each other and review information on environmental organizations.

Eco Cities Municipalities: looks at what government and citizens are doing to improve the quality of life from the local community.


Environmental NGOs have an exclusive space and each organization can detail the actions and activities classified by category flora & fauna, parks & nature reserves, water, mangrove, birdwatching, and much more.


The Recycling Center Brings together the largest database of points of discharge of 40 recyclable materials consumed on a daily basis. “Made in The Forest was designed to Facilitate people’s access to products and services Environmentally Responsible and sustainable approach, such as recycling, in a single online platform,” Explains one of the founders of the environmental network, Martin Mauro.