Felix Dodds – Executive Director, Stakeholder Forum



Felix DoddsFelix Dodds was Executive Director of Stakeholder Forum from 1992-2012 he has been active at the UN since 1990.


He is a writer of many books his latest ‘Only One Earth’ was written with Maurice Strong and Michael Strauss looks at the last forty years and the challenges for the future.


“There are clear parallels between the ecological and financial crises. Banks and financial institutions privatized gains and socialized losses. We are doing the same with the planet’s natural capital. Our present lifestyles are drawing it down at irreplaceable rates from other parts of the world and from future generations. We have known the problems we have known many of the solutions and failed to scale up. The International Green awards™ is a vital part of identifying the solutions and now we need to ensure that this generation scale them up.”



About Stakeholder Forum

Stakeholder Forum is an international organisation working to advance sustainable development and promote democracy at a global level. Their work aims to enhance open, accountable and participatory international decision-making on sustainable development through enhancing the involvement of stakeholders in intergovernmental processes.


Stakeholder Forum seeks to provide a bridge between those who have a stake in sustainable development, and the international forums where decisions are made in their name. To this end, we work with a diversity of stakeholders globally on international policy development and advocacy; stakeholder engagement and consultation; media and communications and capacity building – all with the ultimate objective of promoting progressive outcomes on sustainable development through an open and participatory approach.