Professor Frank Biermann - Professor and Head, Department of Environmental Policy Analysis, VU University Amsterdam

Frank Biermann is professor and head of the Department of Environmental Policy Analysis at the Institute for Environmental Studies, VU Amsterdam, and visiting professor at Lund University. He is also the general director of the Netherlands Research School for Socio-economic and Natural Sciences of the Environment (SENSE) and chair of the Earth System Governance Project, a long-term global research alliance of social scientists studying environmental politics and governance.

“The Rio+20 Conference must turn into a major moment for a fundamental revision of the institutional framework for sustainable development”.

His most recent books are the co-edited volumes Managers of Global Change: The Influence of International Environmental Bureaucracies (MIT Press, 2009); International Organizations in Global Environmental Governance (Routledge, 2009); Global Climate Governance Beyond 2012 (Cambridge UP, 2010); Public-Private Partnerships for Sustainable Development (Elgar, 2012); and Global Environmental Governance Reconsidered (MIT Press, 2012).

About The Earth System Governance Project

The Earth System Governance Project is the worldwide largest network of social scientists with a joint interest in the study of environmental politics and governance. The network comprises of a Global Alliance of Earth System Governance Research Centres; a group of around 200 closely related fellows and faculty; and a wider network of 1800 scholars worldwide. The Earth System Governance Project is chaired by Frank Biermann, and its headquarters are located at Lund University, Sweden.