Gary Nichols-Roth – Managing Editor, ‘CLIMATE CHANGE The New Economy’


Climate Change The New EconomyGary Nichols-Roth is the Managing Editor of “CLIMATE CHANGE The New Economy”. Previously to this, Gary was the Managing Editor at Sovereign Publications, a division of Ten Alps PLC. He joined Sovereign in July 2007 from a specialist media agency as the commercial Director of Government Projects to work on government titles starting with “Climate Change-addressing the challenge”, which he created. An industry-led annual publication which was heralded a great success working with the G8 world leaders,”Climate Change – addressing the challenge” was distributed in July 2008 in Japan, under Yasuo Fukuda’s G8 presidency, and the 2009 edition was distributed in Italy under the G8 presidency of Silvio Berlusconi. Following the success of these titles Gary produced a dedicated book for the United Nations Climate Change Conference -COP15 in Copenhagen and subsequently for the COP16 in Cancun.


“Man-made climate change……………..It is our responsiblility to help turn the tide of global warming. By investing in R & D, new technologies will and have surfaced; great strides have been made in renewable energy solutions, clean technologies, progresive legislation and finance, but more needs to be done. It is a great pleasure to be asked to be on the Judging Panel for the INTERNATIONAL GREEN AWARDS™. As we strive to reach at times seemingly impossible targets, it is important that Industry, Goverments, NGOs and the world’s thought leaders are recognised and acknowledged for their tireless efforts.”


Gary is a Psychology graduate from the University of Leicester. He has had over 16 years of experience across combined publishing, conferencing and the media industries. He has worked on, produced and created several Government publications and topical leading  titles including “Britain in Europe” 1 and 2 – celebrating Tony Blair’s presidency of the EU in 1997, the coveted “Ireland 2000″, “European Businessman”, “European CEO”, ” Climate Change – adressing the challenge” and now the more forward thinking “CLIMATE CHANGE The New Economy”.


Gary began his career as a white collar senior civil servant working in County Hall, The former ILEA (Inner London Education Authority).