Lynda Simmons - Executive Board Director, Global Association of Chief Sustainability Officers (GACSO)


Lynda SimmonsLynda is an Executive Board Director of the Global Association of Chief Sustainability Officers (GACSO); a Community Interest Company dedicated to enhancing the value and professionalism of sustainability professionals.


Her role is to serve the membership by helping to define and establish the role of sustainability professionals for commercial, public sector and academic environments and elucidate how best we can  support industry and academia in delivering innovation and best practice from well informed, passionate sustainability leaders of the future.


In addition to her thought leadership role, Lynda is also a hands-on practicing professional as Head of Sustainability for a dynamic facilities management organisation in which she acts as a sustainable collaborative partner assisting leading FTSE 100 organisations deliver their own sustainability agendas.


“I’m a passionate believer that sustainability is simply common sense thinking. It should be used as an instrument to ensure we’re best placed as individuals, as a community and in business to do our very best to deliver enhanced value to society, the economy and our planet which so generously provides our natural resources that enable us to survive.”


Lynda believes her position as Director of GACSO provides a fantastic opportunity to share best practice with similar like-minded individuals.


She is incredibly enthusiastic, fully committed and passionate about the whole sustainability agenda. A chemist and marketer by profession she has held several board appointments and senior management roles.


She has a strong understanding about how to make this business issue economically practical so that financially, environmentally and socially all win. She has tremendous expertise on all things sustainable and delivered tremendous value to clients and colleagues alike.


Personally, Lynda has a strong environmental focus and is keen to ensure that our impact as human beings on the planet’s natural capital is directed towards a net positive whether as a consequence of our personal consumption or as a commercial or public sector organisation.