Phillip Barlag – Managing Director, World 50 Inc.



Phillip BarlagPhillip is a managing director of World 50, Inc., responsible for enhancing the member experience through programming, expanding the network and facilitating the exchange of ideas and best practices on relevant business and career issues.


He has previously worked with the Palladium Group, Inc., Balanced Scorecard Collaborative, Arcon Group and The Hackett Group.


“The challenges we face on a global scale are enormous and unprecedented. However, the eternal optimism of the human spirit is the only way for mankind to prevail and thrive, as one. Positivity will always trump fear, hatred and negativity.”


About Sustainability 50.

It is a private forum for 50 of the top sustainability officers to connect with each other and share what’s working, what’s not and why. They do this in a trusted atmosphere that operates entirely off-the-record and is free from competitors or sponsors. The idea is that the best people in the world for helping executives gain critical thinking on their most pressing strategic issues and opportunities are people who face the same things every day.