Tatiana Antonelli Abella - Co Founder & Managing Director, GOUMBOOK



After growing up in Paris and Rome, where she studied Architecture and Urban Planning, Tatiana landed in Dubai in 2005. She quickly realized that the local ‘eco environment’ was lagging behind and it made her think on how to help raise awareness among the local community: curb pollution, conserve natural resources and reduce our impact on the local environment.

Her passion for Sustainability and the Environment led her to co-found Goumbook in 2009, creating the first green information resource and green directory for the MENA Region. Today she is actively involved in the green arena and co-hosts the Green Team radio show on DubaiEye.


“We all live on the same planet, and unlike almost any other movement, environmentalism is proving to be a worthy mutual goal, one truly transcending borders, cultures and people in the MENA region and beyond. Preserving and protecting our planet may prove to be what actually links us all together”



Goumbook’s desire is to create a new global community focused on environmental responsibility, uniting environmental experts, organizations, businesses and consumers from the Middle East and North Africa.

Goumbook is an online information platform that helps source products, services and materials through its unique Green Directory. The aim is to help manufacturers, retailers and consumers to meet and boost the local green economy.

The comprehensive News section covers all environmental news from the region and visitors can search the Eco Calendar to find all green events happening in the region and internationally.

The Green Jobs section responds to the green economy activities and technologies impact that are rapidly changing worker requirements and occupational demand.
Goumbook also offers offline services to help individuals and companies Go Green, organizing events, exhibitions and corporate initiatives to engage with the local community and promote an eco-healthier lifestyle.

The ‘Give a Ghaf’ Tree Planting program is Goumbook’s not for profit initiative which aims to boost awareness on the local ecosystem, protecting fauna and flora from the dangers or desertification, mass construction, water depletion and extinction.