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6th International Green Awards For Creativity in Sustainability

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Calling all Game Changers – Enter the International Green Awards™

Want not, Waste not – The 4th R

Our generation has been labelled as a ‘throwaway’ society, where waste is an increasing problem which is rapidly using up finite landfill spaces and contributing to rising CO2 emissions. To tackle waste issues it is no longer enough to just follow the traditional 3Rs, we have to find a way to create new products out of waste, and therefore ‘recovery’ is an important element to add to this mix.

The International Green AwardsTM is looking for organisations or initiatives that have eyes for generating profits, through efficient and waste free systems. We are placing emphasis on the 4th R - Recovery –making use of ‘waste’ to create new products with higher environmental and economic value. For our ‘Best Green 4 R’s’ category, we are inviting initiatives that seek to eliminate waste in the first instance, re-use and recycle and attempt to create new from the old!

From innovating high waste generating services like packaging to creating products which can biodegrade outside of landfill, if your company is giving new and resourceful use value to materials which would otherwise be heading to an untimely end as ‘waste’, then this is the award for you.

If you see environmental and economic profit in waste enter now!



The competition is heating up with worldwide applications across our 20 categories. Don’t miss your chance to showcase a sustainability story in front of our global audience.
Only 10 days left to enter – application deadline 1st September 2011!

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The International Green Awards gala ceremony and dinner is an opportunity to meet some of the most influential sustainability business leaders – from across the world! This year, the awards roll out the green carpet at the Natural History Museum, London on 24th November 2011! Book your tickets now for an early bird discount!

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Sponsorship Opportunities

Partnership with the awards offers an unparalleled opportunity to communicate your organisation’s commitment to responsible business practice to a global audience of decision makers. Join the likes of WWF, Microsoft, Hayes & Jarvis, among other global brands!

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Sponsorship Opportunities


In September, WWF will reveal 50 'green conservation-and-biodiversity' to highlight new products, technologies, business models and policies that can help accelerate the transition to a green economy. A bank that rewards customers for using less water or a certification that legally obliges businesses to provide social value - some of the fantastic examples of revolutionary business ideas WWF has identified in this forthcoming report.

Visit WWF's Website to share your very own case studies request a copy of this report.

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