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Arjowiggins Graphic is a leader in the development of innovative, environmental paper solutions, ideal for organisations looking to communicate their CSR agendas without compromising on the quality of printed work. Arjowiggins Graphic focuses on developing a range of advanced recycled papers with cutting edge sustainability credentials and comparable performance to non recycled papers.

Arjowiggins Graphic’s recycled papers are widely recognised for their environmental excellence. FSC Certified mills are used in the manufacturing process to guarantee the highest environmental standards and have achieved accreditations including EU Ecolabel, Blue Angel and ISO 14001.

As well as developing new papers that provide whiteness levels comparable with non recycled papers, Arjowiggins Graphic has also continued to produce ranges that have a natural recycled feel in order to meet a wide range of consumer demands.

Shannan Hodgson, Corporate Affairs Manager at Arjowiggins Graphic says: “The International Green Awards offers Arjowiggins Graphic an excellent opportunity to share our ambition to deliver excellence in sustainability with like minded businesses. We look forward to what’s certain to be an exciting and inspiring event.”

In 2010, Arjowiggins Graphic launched the Environmental Benefits Statement (EBS), a unique and innovative way of showcasing environmental integrity. A bespoke EBS can assist organisations in clearly demonstrating the savings of landfill, energy, CO2, water and wood that have been made by choosing recycled papers. The EBS statement can be added to all printed marketing communications. For more information please contact Shannan Hodgson at

To create a bespoke EBS, or for more information, please visit their website .