Belu is a pioneering social enterprise that produces the UK’s most ethical water. When you need a bottle of water, Belu will quench your thirst without pricking your conscience. We do this through a combination of the highest possible environmental and charitable commitments.

We take every possible step to minimise our environmental impact in everything that we do. We make the best environmental decisions across all aspects of our business – from the way we run our virtual head office, to our distribution model and the materials we use. Belu’s way of doing business is not just driven by cost, but by the impact we have on our planet.

We work with the best industry experts to quantify exactly our impact and then offset through sustainable projects. This means that every one of our products is completely carbon neutral, which helps you reduce your own footprint. We are the UK’s first carbon neutral mineral water, and we were the first in the UK to use 50% recycled bottles. We always use the highest possible percentage of recycled glass and plastic in all our bottles.

Unlike other bottled water companies, and through the support of our loyal customers choosing the most ethical bottled water solution, we are a successful business generating profits that go to fund clean water projects.

We are extremely proud to be the exclusive bottled water partner of WaterAid, and we have pledged to give them all profits with a minimum amount of £300,000. To date we have donated £260,134, transforming the lives of 17.342 of the world’s poorest people.

We were also the first bottled water to get Approved Supplier status from the Sustainable restaurant Association and we are the only British mineral water to be awarded CoolBrand status for 2012/13.

“I am thrilled and excited to be part of Belu’s wonderful efforts to make a global difference. I have always been passionate about the ethics of our industry and look forward to seeing how our small contribution enables poorer communities to flourish”
Raymond Blanc OBE.