International Green Awards™ RSA Re-accreditation


The International Green Awards™ is proud to announce our successful re-accreditation by the RSA Environment Awards Accreditation Scheme.


RSA accreditation is a benchmark of quality for environmental award schemes, recognising outstanding award schemes that meet a robust set of criteria and by doing so demonstrate high quality and validity. The RSA is the only body recognised by the UK Government to accredit environmental and sustainable development award schemes, making it an important indicator of scheme standards. This accreditation serves as a way of reassuring potential entrants of the meaningfulness and worth of the awards they are considering entering.


The RSA accredits awards schemes on objective standards, including comprehensive assessment across organisation, processes, financials, judging and promotion. The RSA auditors stated that they were impressed with the overall enhanced quality of the awards such as the ‘free to enter’ application system which could ‘encourage smaller business to submit an application’.


In addition to making the awards free to enter, we are also working to provide organisations with feedback on their sustainability strategy with the aim of encouraging better business practices. Our ‘smarter-business’ platform facilitates this process by providing an objective framework across 8 sustainability indicators.


One of the most important aspects of the RSA is to ensure transparency, impartiality and expertise in the judging of the awards. The International Green Awards™ prides itself on establishing a judging panel made up of leaders in the fields of business and sustainability. Each year, we reach out to new judges in a quest to secure representation from each sector and part of the world. The 2012 Judging Panel comprises over 40 professionals from government, business and third sector initiatives who are committed to judging the awards fairly and to promoting sustainability as a global priority.


RSA awards also provide high quality feeder schemes for the European Business Awards for the Environment. Commenting on our re-accreditation, the RSA Secretariat said “The scheme is an asset to the Forum and has progressed significantly over the past 3 years of accreditation.”


More about the RSA


The RSA Environment Awards Accreditation Scheme has been in operation for the past 10 years, with the aim of helping to differentiate the large number of award schemes currently in existence. It provides a mechanism with which to identify the best from the rest, giving recognition to those award schemes that meet a robust set of criteria and by doing so demonstrate high quality and validity.


The Scheme is committed to improving the design, operation and efficiency of award schemes across the UK and so supporting DEFRA in meeting its overarching challenge ‘to secure a healthy environment in which we and future generations can prosper’.


It does this by accrediting awards to objective standards, ensuring that there is a benchmark for awards that reward real progress towards sustainability. The Accreditation Scheme encourages the creation of new awards and provides guidance and advice on best practice for running award schemes.


It is run by the RSA Environment Awards Forum, whose broad range of disciplines, professional experience and sectoral representation forms the necessary bedrock on which to base an evaluation framework that ensures UK Awards remain robust, credible and exemplary.

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