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Goumbook.com is the main reference on green practices for environmentally conscious people across the Middle East and North Africa Region. It is an online information resource that provides the latest green news, issues, products and trends. Goumbook is a platform that helps consumers, distributors, retailers and manufacturers interact and source products, services and materials through its unique Middle East focused Green Directory. The comprehensive News section covers all environmental news from the region and the Eco-Events Calendar features all regional and international events related to the environment, renewable energy and sustainability.

“Environmental experts, organizations, businesses and consumers from all over the world work together to create a new global community focused on environmental responsibility: we all live on the same planet, and unlike almost any other movement, environmentalism is proving to be a worthy mutual goal, one truly transcending borders, cultures and people. Preserving and protecting our planet may prove to be what actually links us all together”


Tatiana Antonelli Abella, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Goumbook



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