EHS Brann – Greenius


Best Green Internal Communications Award



Background & Objective

The objectives of the campaign were:

To communicate that going green is a smart and positive move for the agency
To give all staff a stake in the process. 50% of all energy savings made are shared with staff and can be used as a cash bonus, or spent on a green party or anything else green.

To raise awareness by raising a smile. No one likes being told what to do or being made to feel guilty. Greenius uses humour to engage staff and change behaviours; examples include a ‘weemail’ encouraging print reduction written on toilet doors and the ‘Push the Button’ video starring their very own Sugalumps.

Greenius was the creative expression of a commitment by the agency’s management to reduce its green footprint. As such it became their spearhead to be more eco-friendly, but also provided a viable model to be exported to the group network and to their clients.

In an age where agencies are now turning to other ways of generating revenue apart from advertising or marketing, they could actually provide a marketable way for any company to become more environmentally aware. By leading by example, they could encourage others to do the same.



The key thought informing all media implementation is to use as few resources as possible. Examples include:

Racks of reusable bags on each floor to provide a permanent green message to all staff and reduce plastic bag usage.

‘Weemails’ written in washable ink on toilet doors.

‘Hug me, don’t mug me’ mugs – a useful reminder to print less.

‘Tree hugger/tree mugger’ emails sent to individuals to encourage print reduction.

Greenius has its own email address and actively encourages conversations with staff.



All staff at EHS Brann offices in London and Cirencester, approx 250 people.
They are a marketing agency and their staff profile is typical of the industry.



Energy reduction

London office achieved a 15-20% reduction in night time consumption and an 11 – 13% reduction in daytime consumption in 2008

Cirencester office is on track for a reduction of 162,048.06 kwh in 2009 – a reduction of 29%

Print reduction

The Greenius Print League, which monitors the amount each employee prints,  is on track to deliver a 21% decrease in print in 2009

In August 2009 the Cirencester office became ISO 14001 accredited with Greenius communications forming part of the submission



Minimal spend of less than £5,000.

Re-usable cotton bags £3,000

Mugs £350

Video £160
Desktop recycling boxes £260
Greenius stamp £60

All creative provided and produced in house to engage staff in the process