Green Thing


Best Green New Media Award
Green Thing


Background & Objective

In a nutshell Green Thing is trying to use the same creative magic that casts powerful consumer spells making us live unsustainable lives (the way we get around, the things we buy and eat and throw away, the energy we use, and so on), and use it to create an equal and opposite force which inspires people to lead greener lives. They do this by reframing sustainable living as smart, sexy, fashionable and fun and something worthwhile on its own terms.



Green Thing intent is to reach as many people as possible as quickly as possible.  They began life online – it was relatively cheap and easy to do. Initially they used our website (, emails (e.g. and PR to reach people.  In the last year they’ve come “off the website” and “into peoples day to day lives” – through RSS, blogs, twitter (#dothegreenthing), Facebook, Facebook connect, Flickr, iTunes – and for example through partnerships with Nokia (who took us onto the mobile web), Spotify (who introduce us to their listeners) and Barnet Council (who trialled taking us into the homes of 2k residents), Vue Cinemas (they showed the films in their cinema foyers) and using Green Thing groups ( in which organisations can introduce Green Thing to their sphere of influence (e.g. members, customers, employees, suppliers).  Over 100 are doing so, including Nike, Carphone Warehouse and TBWA.



Green Thing is for anyone who finds it too hard to be green, anywhere in the world.
We all want to live greener lives these days but often find it too hard, too confusing or   too futile to make a habit of it. Green Thing is for those of us who don’t get turned on  by the tree-hugging thing, the guilt thing, the scientific thing or the world-is-at-an-end  thing. Green Thing is an easy thing, a fun thing, a creative thing and a community  thing. It’s for anyone who wants to be a bit greener but hasn’t found a way.



Green Thing is solely focussed on inspiring people to lead a greener life – in other word behaviour change.  As such measurement is a critical component of what we do – they wanted to become more effective and more efficient at promoting behaviour change.  And it worked.

In September 2009, Hall & Partners, completed and quantitative study for us looking at how Green Thing had impact those individuals that it had signed up and / or reached by comparing it with an appropriate control group.  In summary the findings concluded that:

  • Green Thing has inspired or reminded its subscribers to save c.150% more CO2 than they otherwise would
  • Green Thing has inspired others that it has reached (e.g. through videos on YouTube) to save c. 90% more CO2 than they otherwise would
  • Subscribers tell an average of 12 other people about Green Thing
  • 91% of people have positive things to say about Green Thing and/or their experience of interacting with the online content



The total spend – for everything that Green Thing produced and created over the last 12 months has been around £180k.

Of this about 110k has been spend on the website (design, delivery), 20k on content production, 35k on marketing and with the rest spread across legal, accounting and other sundry items.