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Best Green Radio Award

Kyocera Mita (UK) Ltd

Background & Objective

Kyocera launched its first environmentally responsible office printer in 1992 and has been highlighting the importance of taking environmental considerations into account in general office operations ever since. The company has a strong corporate philosophy of respect for the planet stretching right back to its formation in 1959. Kyocera printers are uniquely designed with more of the components as permanent fixtures in the device, greatly reduced the complexity of their consumables. This reduces embodied energy and waste, as well as making them easier to recycle. Independent analysis has found: Waste by volume reduced by up to 90% (druckerchannel.de), energy consumption typically a quarter lower than similar equipment from other vendors (Aston University), carbon footprint of consumables 55% lower than typical conventional cartridges (Best Foot Forward) and lifetime costs typically 50% lower than equivalent machines (TCP Global) Substantiation was provided at www.everypagecounts.co.uk


The objective of the advertisements was to promote Kyocera’s end-to-end design led approach to sustainability which differentiates its office printer products from the competition by ensuring that both their consumables and the equipment itself have the lowest environmental impact of all the products in their class. Kyocera’s office printers also deliver significant cost savings, making them the ideal solution for organisations wanting to reduce both costs and environmental impact. They wanted to handle this serious topic and what might be considered an uninteresting product with an amusing and tongue in cheek approach.



The primary media approach was to concentrate on local radio advertising with thirty second and ten second commercials acting as the standard bearer ahead of a variety of local PR activities.

The commercials ran alongside a major climate change media partnership between Reading Borough Council, Reading107FM and Kyocera.



The radio advertisements were aimed at both business and IT decision makers in all sizes of business and industry.



In a market that has contracted by 7.5% in the first six months of 2009, Kyocera Mita UK’s revenue is up 18% year on year.



Production £10k

Media £30k