Toyota Sweden AB  - “Toyota Glass of Water”


Toyota Glass of WaterBest Green Mixed Media Campaign


Background & Objective

Toyota has a holistic environmental strategy based on a zero

emission vision.  It believes that every part of the lifecycle of a car needs to be considered – how cars are produced, sold, driven and recycled. Simply producing cars with low emissions and low fuel consumption is not enough to achieve this vision.
Many car manufacturers have tried to encourage eco-driving, and few have been successful. Toyota Sweden believes that a successful initiative had to make eco-driving fun and rewarding, not a bad conscience. Its ambition for this project was to develop an initiative that had the power to change behaviour and become a movement in its own right.


Concept & Implementation

Its concept is as simple as it is effective; driving with a glass of water on your dashboard will force a change in driving style. Drivers will thus, make every effort to drive smoother, with less aggressive braking, acceleration etc. Overall speed will be lower as drivers will try and keep the car rolling. All of these are very similar to the most basic (and most effective) ecodriving techniques.

As the idea is based on participation, Toyota selected media and packaged the concept in a way that encouraged participation. It launched the campaign as the 10% challenge – a call to reduce Sweden’s fuel consumption by 10%.  On June 21st, Toyota had event staff handing out over 60,000 biodegradable glasses of water in high traffic areas in three major cities. Also, during this event the Toyota Prius hybrid cars were driven with the campaign message and a very large glass of water on the roof. Toyota ran print ads in all national and major regional newspapers on the launch day, followed by tabloids during the week. In July, Toyota ran three 10″ TV ads, with the simple message of joining the 10% challenge.
Most effective in the media-mix were its traditional and digital PR and social media efforts. It sent press releases to automotive, lifestyle, technology and environmental journalists. It targeted bloggers with early access to information and also offered an invitation only pre-testing programme of the associated iPhone app.



Toyota’s ‘engagement’ target was iPhone owners with access to a car, as it believed that the iPhone app was key to participation. The broader awareness target was both Toyota and non-Toyota drivers, the principle itself could greatly influence behaviour and encourage eco-driving, regardless of what type of car they drive.



During the campaign, over 70,000 people downloaded the app, which is approximately 10% of all iPhone owners in Sweden and it became the third most popular in the Apple iTunes app-store in its first week.
More than 30,000 people have registered to take part in the challenge, and have together driven over 250,000 km with the iPhone app.
Broader advertising efforts reached over 73% of the adult population.
The PR and digital/social media efforts generated over a 100 articles in newspapers, magazines and blogs and significant activity on both Facebook and Twitter.


Budget (in Euro)

Total: 380k
Concept development and agency fees: 40k
Production: 100k
Event: 40k
Media: 200k


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